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Tell Us About Your Event

Please contact us with information about your event. We need:
 1. The event's name,
 2. The date & time of the event,
 3. The venue and its location,
 4. The event organizer and contact info.

Event Name

Please give us a short concise name of your event which explains the dance category and/or its location.


It is wise to pick a date that does not conflict with other dance events in Maine. Many of your target dancers are active in multiple dance genres. Don't make them chose one or the other. Be smart about your date choice.


Tell us the building/studio's name and location and its phone number. Or you can send us a link to an official URL that shows all of that info.

Contact Person

We need to know the name, phone number and/or e-mail address of the appropriate contact person (or persons).

Send your info to:

Douglas Roth (207) 273-2907 orSend us a messege on Facebook