Why a Circuit?

Social dancers in Maine have many choices. They can go dancing every single Friday and Saturday night, and on most weeknights, too. We want to encourage them to make it a habit. We want them to get "hooked" on the idea of going dancing every week. Our Maine Dance Circuit website is meant to list their options, and also to help event organizers choose appropriate dates for their dances.

Why the Emphasis on Single-genre Dances?

The health of a dance community always depends on getting young men in the door. (there are ALWAYS enough ladies!) If you can get those young men excited about dancing your event will be a big success. But guys feel stupid when they come to an event and don't know how to do the dance. If there is just one dance genre to learn, they've got a shot at it. They can swallow their pride for just one night, and soon they'll be onboard! But at Ballroom-style events there are ten dances to learn, and this makes young men feel TEN TIMES more stupid. It's a nearly-impossible mountain to climb. They'll never come back. We feel it is much more productive to steer our Maine dance community toward single genere dances.

Why the Emphasis on Contradances?

Contradancing is fun and simple. It is, by far, the most energized dance community in Maine. In fact, there are more young people involved in contradancing than in all other dance genres combined. So Maine's dance organizers should be paying attention to the world of contradancing. It's the single best place to recruit new young dancers and to encourage them to "cross over" into other dance forms.

Do you list Special, One-time-only Events?

Not usually. This calendar is meant to steer Maine dancers toward monthly and weekly events. We will occasionally add special, one-time-only events to the calendar. Contact us and we'll talk about it.

Do you list For-profit Ballroom Events on your Calendar?

Yes, for a small fee. Dance studios who wish to advertise their monthly dances should contact Douglas Roth (207) 273-2907 or mail their info/brochure to:
P.O. Box 702, Union, ME 04862

Who Coordinates this Website?

The Maine Dance Circuit (MDC) is a not-for-profit organization based in Maine. For more information about the group or its website please contact Douglas Roth (president), P.O. Box 702, Union, ME 04862 (207) 273-2907.

Let's make the State of Maine a Dance Paradise together!

Thank you for supporting the many avid dancers we have here in Maine.

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